West Covina is a city in Los Angeles County, California, found at Downtown Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley and is a place of Greater Los Angeles. The populace for the city was 106,098 at the 2010 statistics. West Covina is observed by researchers by Covina to its north and east directions. West Covina in California is found only 18 miles out of the city of Los Angeles, however up to this point many may never have known about it. All that may have changed in 2015 anyway on account of the new raving success TV program on The CW called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Having proceeded to win a large group of grants and much basic approval, the show has additionally been commended for being set in and shot in the town of West Covina, and as such, the area is as much a character in the story as the remainder of the cast. Visit the West Covina by booking the fight only with American airlines booking immediately.

There is even a tune in the show called ‘West Covina’, that actually sings the commendations of this city. A considerable lot of the areas can be visited on the off chance that you are visiting the area, yet regardless of whether you have never observed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you will at present locate an entire scope of activities in this energetic city that has a populace of a little more than 100,000 occupants. 

The Lakes Mall Offices 

As you start your visit through West Covina, start at one of the most as often as possible utilized sets on the show, the workplaces where a significant number of the characters in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend work. The Lakes Center in West Covina has a lot of places of business joined to it, and it is here that aficionados of the show will perceive the workplaces of Whitefeather and Associates where driving woman Rebecca Bunch functions as a legal counselor. The workplaces are a piece of the more extensive The Lakes Center Complex and are ideal for a photograph open door for the individuals who love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

The Glendora Historical Society Museum 

The Glendora Historical Society Museum is an incredible outing for the entire family. The gallery will take you through all the historical backdrop of the Glendora zone and to that end, there is a scope of shows for you to appreciate. These incorporate exhaustive assortments of authentic memorabilia that date from the seventeenth century through to the eighteenth century. You can expect collectibles pieces that incorporate works of art and furniture just as a period photo display. There is even a scope of mannequins in chronicled clothing that will cause you to feel as though you have ventured back in time. 

The Lakes Mall 

The Lakes Mall is the top-notch strip mall in West Covina and is positively the spot to want some retail treatment. Here you will discover a blend of very good quality shops just as nearby brands, and there is likewise a blend of eating openings here on the off chance that you extravagant getting something to eat or an espresso. The shopping center makes an incredible outing, however maybe significantly additionally fascinating is the thing that occurs outside. The melody ‘West Covina’ in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was recorded here in the outside quad and is the specific spot where the character of Rebecca Bunch, played by Rachel Bloom, flew skyward on board a goliath pretzel. Absolutely in the event that you are an aficionado of the show, at that point, this is one stop not to miss. 

Major League Dreams 

Somewhere else to come as a feature of your Cray Ex-Girlfriend Tour, Big League Dreams is really the area for the bar known as Home Base in the show, where hero Greg Serrano works. The genuine adaptation of Big League Dreams is a baseball themed sports park that includes a scope of copy significant class baseball parks for guests to stroll around. The fields are for the most part little scope models of the genuine article which make them simple to visit, and the recreation center offers an incredible gander at one of America’s preferred games. There are additionally baseball and softball match-ups consistently held here just as an indoor soccer zone. 

Galster Wilderness Park 

Galster Wilderness Park, unfortunately, doesn’t include in the show yet it is as yet perhaps the best spot to come in the event that you need to escape entryways and see some of West Covina’s pleasant landscape. The recreation center traverses 42 sections of land and is crossed with verdant path and this is a perfect area on the off chance that you are keen on nature. There are an exhibition hall and instructive focus situated in the recreation center and there is the month to month programs here run by proficient volunteers that teach guests about indigenous fossils, minerals, and creatures. Climbing and biking are famous side interests here and the mark tall verdant trees imply that you can appreciate some shade as you take in the sights. West Covina is the best place for traveling with the family only with the Frontier airlines reservations and reserved tickets with 60-70 % discounts.


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