Security is an index that ensures where most people want to live worldwide. Safe areas, cities or regions include places that are free from cyber crime, violence of all kinds and terrorism.

In addition, these countries and cities should have good health and infrastructure facilities to treat diseases and enable a non-corruption police to work. So it is safe not only to live who is protected by the state, but also to whom medical courses are made possible, as well as being far away from acute crisis areas.

Below you will find the ten safest cities in the world, which are ranked from 10th to 1st place. There are some surprises that weren’t to be expected.

10. Frankfurt, Germany

Germany consists of many safe districts. In fact, you are very safe here from common things that negatively impact security, such as robbery, violence, terrorism, health risks, and many other insecurity issues. Although Frankfurt is on the list of the ten safest cities, it is never completely safe compared to other cities.

However, the city has one of the world’s best and most thoughtful security plans, which includes large crime investigators, better health facilities, cybercrime security, etc.

In order to implement this accordingly, they have deployed enough security personnel on site to monitor what is happening, especially in problem areas, and to adequately protect citizens. The city’s responsible security agency also promotes the installation of surveillance cameras in public places and buildings to monitor possible crime spots.

9. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a powerful metropolis city in the heart of China, where a large number of people live. The area is recognized worldwide as one of the ten safest cities in the world.

From high-tech infrastructure in general to state-of-the-art health, education and housing, the city is a high quality place to live comfortably.

As in most cities around the world, security problems have always been a threat to Hong Kong. With well-established security plans that include the installation of security guards and security cameras in almost every hidden part of the city, crime opportunities are reduced to almost zero.

In addition, the city offers health services to call doctors who are available at all times in emergencies. Hong Kong scores in terms of security through extremely modern plans and consistent implementation, which makes the concept so successful.

8. Stockholm, Sweden

The fluctuating security in other cities has never been experienced in Stockholm. The community has long had continuous protection in all areas.

All roads are accessible and large enough to accommodate the large number of residents’ vehicles. In addition, they have skilfully designed bridges and bypasses to ensure that their streets remain safe. The good infrastructure ensures a good inflow and outflow of people and can prevent blockages in cities. For example, accidents are reduced.

The city council has also ensured that all residents have good food supply by participating in international food security workshops and introducing new methods of food production. Self-sufficiency is also possible in this way.

Another security investment by the city of Stockholm is the improved healthcare system, which consists of a fast response team and adequate health equipment.

7. Sydney, Australia

The significant advance in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, is not only due to its small circular harbor on the quay or its massive Darling Harbor, but the high level of security exists within the borders.

This security exists in the food sectors. The city has enough food inside and out. There are food processing companies that ensure the availability of sufficient and very nutritious food. Another part of this security concerns the infrastructure. Significant road construction projects such as the WestConnex are underway in the city to reduce traffic congestion within the CBD.

In terms of health security, the city is instrumental in the global health security of 2019 – a conference designed to provide cities with better health services. However, the city currently has fully equipped health facilities and health insurance programs for the health security of its citizens.

6. Singapore

Singapore is also clearly in the top ten list of safest cities. Uncertainty due to violence, terrorism, lack of food, health risks and many other aspects no longer have a place in Singapore.

From infrastructure to health and nutrition, the city of Singapore has some of the leading security data. They have well-developed roads, which consist of highways, bypasses and other connecting roads, as well as enough infrastructure for pedestrians. The right road maps help to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and traffic jams.

Another area that raises safety concerns is health, where the city has provided rapid response services and adequate health equipment.

5. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is located at the tip of the island. The city offers excellent cultural highlights for tourists, which makes it a city ​​with great ethnic diversity.

However, the main cause of the enormous growth and development of this city is the high level of security in the city. Taipei’s security depends on infrastructure, food, health services, computers, and the general environment.

Another security point is public security. The city has placed Taipei under 24-hour surveillance, which records every event on the streets. City security agencies are also very active in keeping an eye on buildings and streets.

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the Dutch capital with a great heritage of art and sights such as museums.

However, behind the administration, which determines the good looks of the city, there are security details that ultimately contribute to the best progress of the city. It offers excellent food supply from its food processing companies and businesses. They also provide imported food such as fruit and vegetables from neighboring cities.

The city has a very well developed road network, which is connected to important facilities.

There are security guards deployed in crime-prone areas of the city. In addition, Amsterdam has invested heavily in security equipment to ensure that it can arrest criminals as quickly as possible.

3. Toronto, Canada

Unlike most cities in Canada, Toronto is considered one of the best security cities. From the security of the infrastructure to cybercrime, violence, health and food, the city has expanded all of this neatly.

The hospitals are fully equipped and work around the clock. The city also has an infrastructure that can also help people with low incomes.

Toronto also has an excellent infrastructure consisting of well- maintained roads, highways, bypasses, rails, and air transportation facilities. In addition, their bridges have a very good calculation, so that even heavy trucks can drive over them.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is another capital city with very good food, health and infrastructure facilities. The city is shaped by natural features such as the River Limmat and old buildings from the 17th century and has a strong motor behind all its current developments, which makes it one of the best cities.

The city’s Department of Environment System Science is a leader in research into various types of food and their processing systems. The UZH Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability also plays a crucial role in ensuring that Zurich remains a modern place every year.

For health security, the City of Zurich has the Department of Security, Health, Environment, which ensure a healthy city. They protect residents from frequent infections caused by climate change or environmental conditions.

1. Tokyo, Japan

The best description for Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a highly developed city with excellent knowledge of technologies of various forms. Tokyo has long been a pioneer of many electronic devices that are now used all over the world.

All of these successes can be attributed to the availability of good learning facilities, adequate health facilities, adequate food, minimal crime and good company among citizens.

Tokyo tops the list of cities with the most developed infrastructure. They use all means of transport, including train, air and road, are so well established that they connect residents with health, learning and office among other things.


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