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What to write on TripsAdvice

TripsAdvice is one of the biggest platforms for Travel Domain, where people can write, edit and publish their travel experience with others. This platform can be used by travel bloggers, who are fond of traveling and sharing the experience with others or for the people who want to promote their travel products in the markets.

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”

so keep collecting the money and travel the world

because the world is full of multiple cultures, different kinds of cousins, beautiful colored dressing sense, world-class infrastructure, and tremendous technology which shows how we are increasing day by day.

Write and Get Rewarded

  • If you write better “worth reading and sharing” and do complete 10 Articles in your account. you will be honored with an author account on Trips Advice. Our authors do not require approval to post the content and can publish instantly without any delay.
  • You will become part of our core members. And all your articles will be shown on the homepage trending section on the website.

Guest Post Submission Guideline

  • All submissions must be in English and free of any questions of grammar, spelling or language and should have travel content. Write worth reading
  • An article must be titled and described, the body of the article should be formatted properly. Try to write SEO optimized content
  • All submissions must include a featured image Trips Advice reserve the right to remove questionable images from submissions. Only the author is responsible for any copywriter/Legal Issues.
  • Our experts read every single line before publishing content on the website. Manual efforts take time. So, we can publish a maximum of one article a day per author.
  • Any copied content like sayings must be tagged in the double quote (“_”)

Why submitting your guest post will help your business

once you are done with the set up for your business what you need is a market place where you can do the marketing and can reach to the people with your business ideas. So to increase your productivity here is the best market place to reach your customers. Since here you are getting a free market place, so keep posting your products with good deals. Here are the just reasons that guest blogging can increase your visibility and can maintain your existence in the market.